Minneapolis has a fantastic local arts scene, from painters, to potters, to musicians. One jewelry designer in particular has more recently captured my attention. Her name is Tia Salmela Keobounpheng of Silvercocoon and she is the daughter of Duluth-based Finnish Architect David Salmela. Tia ‘s designs feature glossy or sandblasted acrylic and various woods in sculptural, organic form. The influence of architecture is evident and I love the simplicity and fantastic use of materials in her jewelry. Beauty truly meets function in many of the pieces, as they are  lightweight and quite comfortable to wear.

Link 3-Strand Necklace

Wood Stripe Bracelet

Drape Earring

Topo-Rolling Necklace

Hive Cuff

A selection of jewelry is available at the Walker Arts Center and at the east bank’s Weisman Art Museum. Go to to see more Silvercocoon jewelry design!



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