The Day After...

Mary Hickey Interiors

It’s 7:47 am the “day after”…

Yes. I lounged this morning- no 5:15 am jumping out of bed for ME.

I’m sitting in the living room reflecting on Thanksgiving Day 2012 and giving thanks at last because there surely was not a moment to do so yesterday!

And for that, I give thanks,too.

The story…

Two days ago I was PARTY READY for a casually sophisticated feast…tailored to be delicious AND attractive for my daughter, Anne Marie , her husband, Jack and their two children, Jay and Alice and my daughter, Elizabeth and her fiancé, Steve.

A small intimate gathering…the smallest I’ve been a part of in ten years.

Aside from my “day job”, everyone who knows me knows I love food and flowers and entertaining…

I had planned- the legal pad notes can attest. I had dreamt of a menu that was part traditional family, part “new” tradition… a kind of Ree Drummond/ Ina Garten mélange, if you will…

Turkey Roulade- straight  from Ina, stuffed with sweet/hot sausage and morsels of figs. I had made this for my family previously…soooo good!

Cranberries- “Joy of Cooking” style

Mashed and Sweet Potatoes – both and  yes, cream cheese and broiled marshmellows, for sure !

Peas with Applewood Smoked Bacon and Roasted Pearl Onions – my idea

Honey-glazed Carrots- cut on the bias, very pretty with bits of green parsley

Grapefrut, Avocado, Pomegranate Salad-passed from my Nana through my Mother to me..

For dessert..Pumpkin pie with “whup” cream, clementines and petit-fours especially for Jay who loves cake as his mother does!

The table setting was going  to be that “mix”, too…

My family’s Herend ” Rothschild Bird” patterned china and green goblets from my youth paired with Pottery Barn heavily woven placemats, “everyday” simple French stainless and flowers chosen straight from the grocery store kiosk, arranged by Mary.


If you think I am building up to a grand crescendo of holiday disaster, I’m going to disappoint you a bit…

There were moments of pure bliss-

mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes without lumps…

the aroma of smoked bacon,

the wondefully caramelized bit of roasted onion and tang of a wedge of “ruby red” popped into my mouth,

as I stood in my sun-filled kitchen,


pondering Thanksgiving pasts,

to the eclectic mix of tunes from Etta James, Frank Sinatra, Colbie Caillat, Amy Winehouse and my fave, Adele.

The sweet texts from Anne Marie…” Jay is asking every 20 minutes, ” when are we going to Mimi’s??” and sound of the door opening with Jay ringing out, “Hi Mimi…I’m here!” Seeing Elizabeth walk through the door with Steve and thinking about their wedding next summer…

Baby Alice’s first Thanksgiving, celebrated here at my house- “pretty girl” ( as Jay calls her) loving  peas and her first taste of sweet potato, sitting in the same high chair as her Mother and Aunt did years ago.

Mary Hickey Interiors

Family…traditions…new “twists”…

SO WHAT if I had to “hack” the perfectly formed roulade into pieces because the butcher provided a less than perfect “bird”…

And those envisioned delicately decorated petit- fours from the long depended on bakery?

Well, I guess they had decided to put a “twist” on their tradition, too-


Life is good, good.



My best,