The Hunt

Let me start off this post by saying… I love vintage! I love everything about it- the history, character and the fact that it has been previously loved by someone else. I wish I could find out where my lovely patina’d brass candlesticks once sat, and to whom they belonged. Did they use them only on holidays, or did they enjoy them year-round? While these mysteries likely will never be uncovered, I still enjoy these treasures.

My second favorite thing about vintage is the “hunt” to find the perfect piece. Vintage pieces aren’t sitting in factories around the world waiting to be sold. These vintage pieces are found in the most particular places- from online sites to wonderful vintage dealers in Los Angeles and New York. Or even your grandma’s basement and thrift stores in random cities.  Trust me when I say, I have found beautiful vintage pieces in all of these places and in ALL price ranges.

Here are a few of my current favorite finds on the web:

Mary Hickey Interiors 1
Mary Hickey Interiors 2
Mary Hickey Interiors  3
Mary Hickey Interiors 4

19th C. Hand colored butterfly etchings 

Follow along as I share my favorite vintage finds on the blog.