Fun Fridays

Let's face it... Fridays are fun! Tasha and I always seem to have "great" thoughts on Fridays. So for this particular Friday...  CONSIDER COPPER.

Remember our instagram post where I teased the start of our San Francisco project with a photo of a Tom Dixon bowl? 

Mary Hickey Interiors Copper

That bowl was handed to me by my client as she said, " I like this, Mary." That's all she needed to say; we've worked together before ( see on the creek) and have a "symbiotic" relationship. Copper became a force in this space. 

While in the city visiting one wonderful shop after another, she and I stumbled upon Bright On Presidio and spoke with David Bolt. Look at what we found...

Mary Hickey Interiors Copper

to sit on this- 

Mary Hickey Interiors

from Epoca.

More on the wonderful Epoca and Kelly Hartgraves in another post. Suffice to say- a treasure trove!

This is the point. Since that day in San Francisco... copper has been "speaking" to me. 

And now it has found its way into a new renovation project Tasha and I are working on with a terrific young family.  Here it might take a turn into copper patina...

Mary Hickey William Sonoma

To mix with modern pendants.  

Burkelman Mary Hickey Interiors

It will mix beautifully with the brushed nickel hardware and stainless steel. We even found an Ann Sacks tile that mixes the metals together for us...

Ann Sacks Tile Mary Hickey Interiors

Mmm... are we TREND SPOTTING?

I don't think so...

I prefer to think of it as an  UPDATED THROWBACK!


Here's to a relaxing weekend!

Mary & Tasha