And So To Bed...

Mary Hickey Interiors

C.Z. Guest, a famous gardener and arbiter of good taste,  once said all a wonderful bedroom needs is a "divine" bed.

When it comes right down to it, I agree. Although we tend to add books, papers, carafes for water, chairs and the ubiquitous flat screen television, it really is about a good night's rest! A beautifully made bed, a sense of order, and the job is done.

Take notice, though C.Z. uses the word "divine- a word defined as "heavenly, surpassing excellence".

A luxurious bed is the centerpiece. Here is where our design thoughts reveal a glimpse into our personal preferences. When one thinks about it, this should be the most personal space in our home. To me, this means the best linens I can afford, and I prefer white with lovely colored border details. I like cotton blankets and a duvet at the end of the bed waiting to be used on chilly nights. And  I love old-fashioned blanket covers in seersucker or plisse. That is everyday luxury. There is nothing better than the first night of clean sheets. 

As for a bed covered in pillows, it becomes a matter of personal taste. If it doesn't suite you to have layers of pillows, try placing two sets of sleeping pillows flat on the bed and use one larger pillow between the sets in a great print or accent solid hue. Simple and great-looking. 

Mary Hickey Interiors
Mary Hickey Interiors

Good night! Sleep tight!

My best,