Being A Mother...

I've always thought FLEXIBILITY was one of the necessary qualities of being a full- fledged mother (and now a grandmother).

Mother's Day 2017 was a study in "flexibility", and it was a wonderful day!

The saga all began with Cinco de Mayo. On that day, I got in the mood for Mexican food and decided to center my plan for a Mother's Day lunch at my home with my two daughters, Anne Marie and Elizabeth, and two grandchildren, Jay and Alice around that fare. I should explain golf pro Jack was working and Steve was in a wedding out of town (both good "reasons").

Mary Hickey Interiors Mother's Day

I'm going to try to make a looooonng story short. 

  • I planned the menu... chicken enchiladas, the girls' favorite guacamole, salad with fresh oranges and ice cream with hot fudge and Mexican tea cakes. 
  • I made the grocery list
  • I shopped
  • I ordered two rotisserie chickens from Kowalski's to be picked up on Sunday a.m. because they truly are the best I've ever had. A good short cut!
  • I picked up the chickens early Sunday morning... ready to create my fiesta when...
  • I received a text from Elizabeth saying she had been sick all night long.
  • I realized the menu didn't really "speak" to a lunch with one other "grown-up" and two small grandchildren.
  • I revised (see ingredients) from my pantry cupboard and ended up make the best chicken soup I have ever made. Yes, lemon is the SECRET ingredient. 
Mary Hickey Mother's Day
  • Set a simple table for four and thoroughly enjoyed  a special afternoon of a "yummy" lunch  (at least that's what Alice said!), played games, colored and looked at long ago  photos of my grandchildren's mother and grandmother when we were their age. 
  • Sent a "care" package of soup and cookies home with Anne Marie to drop off at Elizabeth's

True bliss... based on " flexibility" and seizing the moment! 

Mary Hickey Interiors Mother's Day

Hmm... chicken enchiladas anyone? I can be at your home by 6pm. Ha!



My best,