A Room With Two "Faces"

5:30am today

Yes, anyone who knows me well knows the early morning hours are my “dream time”… It’s been that way since my children were babies many years ago!

No lists. No Facebook. No Instagram. No pinning!

I write…I envision spaces…I sketch …and I read. It’s the best. It’s what makes Mary “merry”.

This morning it led me to paging through the new May/ June VERANDA…the cover story being about a Malibu home designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. I must admit I’ve been taken with the West coast design vibe lately after helping with homes this past year in Palm Desert and San Francisco and visiting the Pacific Design Center and surrounding shops. In  Minneapolis, Tasha and I indulge ourselves  in California sources at Scherping-Westphal and Holly Hunt!

So…this morning ( in Fun Friday tradition at MHI ) Tasha and I investigated sources used in this wonderful cover story home… Tobi Tobin and Lucca Antiques. We are in instant LOVE!

Look at this lighting fixture from Tobi Tobin found in the dining room – 

Mary Hickey Interiors

Can you imagine a dining room using these pieces we saw on Lucca Antiques’ website?

Mary Hickey Interiors
Mary Hickey Interiors
Mary Hickey Interiors

Mmm… we can see the room in our heads-

For a MODERN home, these pieces would take on an almost sculptural look-

  • Benjamin Moore Super White walls and trim- an uplifting bright white favorite
  • bare bleached out white oak wood floors with 5-6” wood planking/ no rug
  • linen scrim sheers on the window ( sandy driftwood color)  with stainless steel rods bringing the feel and color of the floor onto the walls
  • a collection of modern ceramics as centerpiece with a fern frond or two as a “floral arrangement”
  • a Lucite pedestal with a piece of sculpture
Mary Hickey Interiors Moodboard

For a more layered TRADITIONAL home-

  • Benjamin Moore Bone White ( or possibly stained warm mid-tone ) trim
  • a rich hand-planed herringbone floor …hand-waxed in appearance
  • a vintage blue and white rug “grounding” the blue of the overhead fixture
  • a woven wallpaper in a “greige” color adding texture and a cool tone to the layers of warmth
  • and of course, the same Italian abstract because even the most traditional of rooms needs a touch of exuberance and grounding in “today”
Mary Hickey Interiors Moodboard

What do these two spaces have in common other than wonderful “investment” pieces?

I’m often asked what my “style” is or what “look” I like to do…and my answer is ( after saying I like to “do it” all!)-

I enjoy paying attention to the architecture and bones of a space, a “space for space sake” I call it, the needs and loves of our client, coming up with a vision of everyday life in that space…establishing a viewpoint ….and in  great collaborations the space becomes elevated. There is a catch in the breath, a thrill, a feeling of “rightness” when entering the room.  THAT is the very best moment.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mary and Tasha

Reinventing A Classic

Decorative plates on walls... honestly I didn't have much interest or exposure to them until recently. As Mary mentioned in my interview, we are very different but have a lot in common.  One of my favorites is our love of "vintage" decor, furniture and accessories.   We  continually laugh at my use of the word "vintage". Mary recently left me a note signed; Your vintage boss.  We have lengthy conversations about our favorite vintage furniture pieces and styles; many of which are the same! 

Recently, we have seen the reinventing of decorative plates on walls. Here are a few of my favorites.

Mary Hickey Wallplates

The above  collection is one of my favorites; featuring hand painted plates! Done by one of our favorite local bloggers, Francois Et Moi

Mary Hickey Interiors Plates
Mary Hickey Interiors Plates
Mary Hickey Plates
Mary Hickey Plates
Mary Hickey Interiors Plates

As you can tell, blue and white is a favorite of mine!

Photos: 1 /2




The Hunt

Let me start off this post by saying… I love vintage! I love everything about it- the history, character and the fact that it has been previously loved by someone else. I wish I could find out where my lovely patina’d brass candlesticks once sat, and to whom they belonged. Did they use them only on holidays, or did they enjoy them year-round? While these mysteries likely will never be uncovered, I still enjoy these treasures.

My second favorite thing about vintage is the “hunt” to find the perfect piece. Vintage pieces aren’t sitting in factories around the world waiting to be sold. These vintage pieces are found in the most particular places- from online sites to wonderful vintage dealers in Los Angeles and New York. Or even your grandma’s basement and thrift stores in random cities.  Trust me when I say, I have found beautiful vintage pieces in all of these places and in ALL price ranges.

Here are a few of my current favorite finds on the web:

Mary Hickey Interiors 1
Mary Hickey Interiors 2
Mary Hickey Interiors  3
Mary Hickey Interiors 4

19th C. Hand colored butterfly etchings 

Follow along as I share my favorite vintage finds on the blog.