Today's Inspiration

Early this morning with the sun dappling through the trees and filtering through my kitchen window, I came upon this photo of Aerin Lauder’s country home kitchen.


It spoke to me.

As a designer, I’m often asked what inspires me… what “informs” my work.

And my first impulse is to say,” Just about everything my eye catches!”  ( My daughters, my close friends, and my associate, Annie, will attest to this…ha!)

I think a designer’s eye..

TAKES IN something



And hopefully, ( and this is the best part)…


This is the artistry of the creative process, I think, and ranks right up there on my thrill list! And when I am able to translate this into a client’s space echoing their dreams…PURE JOY.

From this photo, I “saw”…

-          A pretty blue for the walls of my daughter's freshly painted white kitchen in her first “fixer upper” home against the white framed window, white drifting sheers on tiny black rods and rings ,a Saarinen “copy” table for two from IKEA and perhaps woven bistro chairs( can’t resist  all the tag sales happening on sites right now! One King’s Lane, Serena and Lily…)

-          The light-filled area in a prospective client’s kitchen and the two in tandom sink idea…perfect!

-          An affirmation I love great art in a kitchen amidst all the beautiful functional “stuff” adding a touch of true exuberance!

-          My penchant for one of a kind bouquets of flowers.. smashing…and looking as if they were just brought in from the garden

-          A brunch “thought” I HAVE to seize the opportunity to use my favorite white crockery and a menu of favorite foods from years ago my daughters and I texted back and forth just last night!

Eggs Benedict (with a thick slice of country ham and my Mother’s hollandaise )

Grilled asparagus and sauteed cherry tomatoes

Wedges of ripe cantaloupe with a mound of strawberries in the middle with a dusting of powdered sugar and drizzle of honey dressing over all

“Knudsen” pound cake with filling of cinnamon sugar , cardamom and ground pecans


Ok….off to my day’s appointments and activities! I do hope to show in this journal the efforts of my “mind labors” in the coming weeks!

Which of these thoughts will come to fruition? Stay tuned. The mind is at work! 

My best,